General Aims

To promote Science and Technology Education by enhancing the quality of teaching and learning of Science and Technology in South Africa.


Specific Aims

  • To further the professional interests of Science and Technology educators

  • To promote links amongst the various disciplines and levels of Science and Technology education

  • To participate in curriculum policy issues.

  • To establish and maintain international links in Science and Technology education

  • To promote social, economic, political and cultural development of society by linking Science and Technology education and the community

  • To link Science and Technology Education research to practice

  • To promote activities that would make Science and Technology education accessible to all

  • To promote links between SAASTE and the Departments of Education at district, regional, provincial and national levels

  • To liaise with other organizations with similar aims

  • To engage in activities that would promote the aims of SAASTE

  1. Employ strategies to improve science results from Grade 4-12 by 5% annually. (LAIP)
  2. Empower educators to ensure more girls and black pass rate in sciences increase by 5% (LAIP)
  3. Identify with the challenges in Natural sciences as identified by the department of education and assist members overcome.
  4. Involvement of more schools to participate in EXPO and Olympiads


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